Stream of Consciousness Saturday: Last Call

Hmmm… I have absolutely no idea what the very last business-type call we had would be, but it was probably utilities-related, or something equally as boring, and probably involved some automated options followed by a complete waste-of-time connection to a call-centre based in another country where someone with an incongruously Western-sounding name and a thick foreign accent follows a mindless script without deviation from the written word, and often without much understanding of what’s actually going on…

But the last call I remember for sure was a very useful conversation with a locally-based energy saving initiative guy who was arranging to come round to advise us on how best to make the changes we need to make to our new house to make it as environmentally friendly as possible. We know we need to replace the windows at some point, and will need a new boiler soon enough, and the insulation in the loft needs to be thicker to meet current standards, but it’s nice to get some impartial advice on all of this from someone who does this for a living. Anyway, the guy duly came round as arranged, spent an hour or so checking what he had to check, and has now sent us a report with his advice and suggestions for different several options for a positive way forward.

And just so you know, my main issue with companies basing so-called ‘customer service’ call centres on different continents than the customers in question is that the people who work there often have little or no knowledge of anything beyond the narrow product script they use. No clue about the geography of the country the calls originate from, or the transport system, or the culture, or anything other than what they are told to ask regardless of the issue. So the level of ‘help’ on offer is regularly more frustrating to try to deal with than the actual problem that prompted the call to customer service in the first place… 😦

Stream of Consciousness Saturday: Last Call

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