A Double Twofer

I’ve got a really crappy headache/ sore throat/ sore chest /cold thing going on at the moment and I feel awful, aching all over. It’s definitely not flu, but over the last couple of days it’s absolutely knocked me for six. If I’m not sneezing my head off I’m coughing my lungs up, and if (by any small miracle) I’m doing neither at any given time, I’m busy snuggling curled up on the sofa with a blanket over me, feeling a tad sorry for myself and focusing on getting better.

Sorry you’ve all had to wait an extra day for any sign of my yesterday’s Fandango’s One Word Challenge and JusJoJan prompt post, and I have to report that as I’m still not feeling well enough to dazzle you with potential brilliance, and the chance of me producing any semblance of rapier-sharp wit remains even more scarce than usual, this is also doubling as today’s offering for both too… So there you are, a double twofer from me… πŸ™‚

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