Crochet Blankets and Me

I first learned to crochet as a child, ill a lot and looking for something interesting to do while I was waiting to get better. And oh, there seemed to be such a lot of waiting. My mum and my Grandmother both knitted a lot, but for me two needles and multiple stitches to drop created far more frustration than fun, and instead I found wielding a single crochet hook (thankfully only ever holding one stitch at a time) gave me the practical creative outlet I needed. It used up all their leftover yarn, too, so it was a win-win all round for all of us.

So fast forward several decades and I find there’s still nothing better for me as a winter warmer than sitting on the sofa with a growing blanket hanging off a hook, all draped cosily over my lap. As a result I always have several crochet blankets kicking around the house, all multicoloured, all slightly different, and all made by me over the years. Some are bigger, some are smaller, some are rectangular, some are square, but all are exceedingly simple in design. Nothing fancy, just warm and practical blankets we use all the time.

But sometimes I wonder if I could maybe try to make something else other than blankets, experiment with new pretty (usually meaning fiddly for me) stitches more, try following more complicated multiple row patterns that build up slowly, or maybe even try creating some delicate crochet lace? The older I get, the more I’m finally learning to have some patience with things that take time, so maybe now is the right time for me to explore developing my crochet skills further… Hmmm… πŸ™‚

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6 thoughts on “Crochet Blankets and Me

  1. Ruth, your crocheted blanket is lovely and so colourful. The only item I made other than umpteen baby blankets was a bright turquoise mini dress. I was so proud of that dress, but now when I look back I have to wonder what on earth did I look like!

    Like you, I keep telling myself I should learn new stitches, perhaps I might do that.

    If you learn new stiches and patterns, do write about it, I’d like to see what you make. πŸ™‚

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  2. I remember learning to knit at school, I couldn’t do it and my mum who was a great at knitting realised it was because I was left handed so she took the time and eventually I got the hang of it. I used to knit years ago always with mums help when I got stuck or dropped a stitch a few rows back πŸ˜‰

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      1. Im sure you would be able to do more now, if you have patience for the colouring knitting will be a breeze. My mum used to make gorgeous Aran cardigans and jumpers, all of her five grandchildren had them πŸ˜ƒ

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