Floodgates firmly closed…

Storm Ciara has done her stuff, and after a day of whipping wind and lashing rain here in Inverness it seems we now have a flood warning in place tonight, as with the combination of high river levels and high tide due around midnight, the gates on the flood defences have been closed. We have another high tide due at around mid-day tomorrow, so we’ll see how that goes.

I actually remember the River Ness bursting its banks in 1989, long before there were flood defence walls in place. There was the river, steep sloping grassy banks, then only a small open metal fence that made a sieve look solid separating the pavement and road from the rising water levels. I remember the army layering sandbags all along the riverbank, but the river breached them anyway and scarily the railway bridge was dramatically washed away in the middle – it looked so strange, just rails hanging across thin air. Not a great memory.

Our new house in Inverness is situated about half way between the river and the canal, so we have a vested interest in hoping the flood defences hold tonight and again tomorrow, when the forecast is for… snow. Or at least this close to the coast, probably more like sleet. Oh yeah, and more wind… But at least our power stayed on, some people in Inverness had power cuts earlier today…

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