Considerations for my Conservatory

The conservatory in our house sits just off the dining room through glazed double doors with further doors leading out onto the North facing back garden, so with that particular orientation it’s never going to be a hot-house steamy jungle kind of space. But even in the cold winter months, the level of natural light it gets is absolutely amazing and I imagine the ambient temperature will be just perfect during the long warm summer days.

It’s a properly constructed conservatory, not just an external lean-to add-on afterthought, just over 3m by just under 3m in size, with cut-off corners at the garden end. It has a solid concrete floor, brick-built lower walls with patio doors at the far end, and the upper portion consists of a metal framework, double-glazed windows with lovely deep windowsills and an insulated plastic roof, which is why the natural light is so good.

It has lighting, electrical sockets and even a small radiator linked in to the central heating system, and oddly has been carpeted with the same traditionally patterned heavy wool carpet as the adjoining dining room, and had previously been furnished accordingly. So overall it feels to me like to date the poor conservatory has neither really been one thing nor the other, can’t really decide does it want to be an indoor room mainly for people, or more of a glorified greenhouse-style garden room mainly for plants?

To me, if it were intended to be more of an indoor room, it would ideally have been much better built with a proper tiled roof to keep the heat in and make it a properly usable space all year round, even in the depths of a Scottish Highland winter – Brrr…! In that way its snug carpeted floor and fully-upholstered furniture would have made more sense – but then you’d have lost all that lovely natural light, which to me would be a travesty.

If, on the other hand, I replace the current ugly carpet and thick underlay with a far more practical washable cushioned vinyl and keep the lightweight clear roof, I could perhaps fill my little mainly unheated conservatory with a selection of approriate-for-the-particular-environment potted flowers and foliage and lightweight garden-style furniture to make the most of a summer-house style garden room in the warmer months only… Hmmm…

Decisions, decisions…

2 thoughts on “Considerations for my Conservatory

    1. I like the idea of bringing the garden inside, but I also like the idea of sitting relaxing in comfort while looking out onto the garden outside, so I’ll probably find some weird compromise between the two that works for me 🙂

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