Snakes and Ladders

When we were kids, we used to play the board game snakes and ladders. Taking turns in trying to get from the bottom to the top of the board one square at a time on the throw of a dice, with the help of climbing a ladder or the hindrance of sliding down a snake, depending on the particular square on which you land. Whether you landed on a ‘good’ square or a ‘bad’ square, it was always dependent on the luck of the die.

It was tough, as a child, learning that sometimes luck plays such a big part in your success in life, and that sometimes things are just not fair. But I think it was a good lesson to learn, because in adulthood you cannot always win, cannot always be first or always top of the pile. And sometimes life is simply not fair, sometimes it feels like an arbitrary throw of the dice is all that stands between us and success or failure.

Weekly Prompt: Ladders

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