Life certainly feels a bit lackustre at the moment, even the spring sunshine somehow feels tinged with shadow. But it’s funny how quickly we get used to things, adapt to our new realities, however surreal this whole pandemic situation seems to be.

For me, it’s staying at home as much as possible, furloughed for the forseeable future, and for my husband it is running the gauntlet of going out to work in a supermarket, one small cog within the complex gear-system of the food supply chain.

We miss seeing our family and friends, but of course we can still keep in touch with them remotely. We have a comfortable home and a well-stocked food cupboard and we have each other, so thankfully we still have hugs and the comfort of human touch.

For all of us, whether staying at home or a key worker of any kind, all we can do for now is keep living as best we can until the time comes when we can all start to feel alive again. Life is a precious gift, and I’m learning to appreciate just how much I value it ❤

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Lacklustre

3 thoughts on “Lacklustre

  1. Ruth, I love this. But it must be so hard seeing your husband go off to work in a Supermarket each day, knowing that he might be exposed to the virus.mmstay as safe as you can, which you are doing. I guess we can say “this too will pass,” though it is hard and especially with no end in sight seemingly. Much love to you x

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    1. Thank you, we’re just super-careful with doing what we can cleanliness and contact-wise to avoid spreading anything unsavoury. But people still have to help sell the food we all need so much, and supermarkets are all doing their best under difficult circumstances 🙂


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