April A-Z: G is for Greig Sreet Bridge

The Greig Street Bridge in Inverness gets its name from the street it leads directly onto when crossing the river – Greig Street.

The Victorians built two very similar ironwork suspension footbridges crossing the River Ness, although this is the one that features more regularly in my blog because this is the bridge we use every time we walk from our house into town.

It was cast in the Rose Street Foundry in Inverness in 1881, and according to Wikipedia has a central span of 61.3 m (201ft) and two side spans of 20.4m (67ft). As the bridge is within the local flood defence area, access to the bridge can be completely sealed off as necessary, which has only happened once since we moved here.

As a suspension bridge under tension, the walkway bounces a little as people walk across it, much to the amusement of children (and even adults) who love nothing more than to create as bouncy a crossing as possible 🙂

For this year’s A-Z I’m going to take you on a photographic tour of My Inverness, Past and Present. I grew up in the local area, I went to school here and brought up my three children here, but I moved away to London for 18 years before returning home for good at the end of last summer.

P.S. My initial plan for my A-Z posts has necessarily been curtailed somewhat due to the current coronavirus pandemic, but we’ll get through the alphabet one way or another, however creative my use of subjects may have to be – so thank you for visiting Inverness with me, and I hope you enjoy our trip!

9 thoughts on “April A-Z: G is for Greig Sreet Bridge

    1. There may be one or more bridges to come yet, Dan – I live in a coastal town with both a river and canal in close proximity, so bridges are an occupational hazard here! 🙂

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  1. I have walked this pedestrian bridge on holiday there, long time ago. Late 90’s. Rivers and bridges are timeless. Beautiful images, thanks for sharing!

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