April A-Z: J is for Jacobite Cruises

I can’t take you for a trip round Inverness without there being some mention of Loch Ness, but of course with all non-essential tourist trips being decidely out of bounds for everyone for the forseeable future, all I can do is share an image of the Jacobite Maverick, one of the four tourist boats used by Jacobite Cruises for trips on the loch, rather than actually take you out on the water as intended.

Luckily for me, the Jacobite Maverick is moored in Muirtown Basin at the moment, so I walk past her regularly when on my one permitted outdoor exercise a day. She is the newest of the four cruise boats, and according to their website she is a 200-seat custom-built catamaran, 21.34m in length and with a top speed of 17 knots. And I love the way the ‘LN’ logo for Loch Ness is made to look like a Nessie with a tall neck and a sea-serpent hump – very clever design!

I’ve been kayaking on Loch Ness (long ago, in my mid-teens) which was a great experience, but have never actually been out on the loch on a tourist boat – so I’m really looking forward to being able to take my camera out on a wee cruise as soon as the world opens up again 🙂

PS My bucket list of stuff to do once this corona virus crisis is over is growing by the day – but the good thing is it’ll no doubt keep me busy with future blog posts for a while! 🙂

For this year’s A-Z I’m going to take you on a photographic tour of My Inverness, Past and Present. I grew up in the local area, I went to school here and brought up my three children here, but I moved away to London for 18 years before returning home for good at the end of last summer.

P.S. My initial plan for my A-Z posts has necessarily been curtailed somewhat due to the current coronavirus pandemic, but we’ll get through the alphabet one way or another, however creative my use of subjects may have to be – so thank you for visiting Inverness with me, and I hope you enjoy our trip!

9 thoughts on “April A-Z: J is for Jacobite Cruises

      1. I know Ruth, and it is so sad that you had only just moved back there. Just hope it will be over sooner than they think. Keep going Ruth. It’s what they keep telling me!

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