Yesterday In my Garden

Yesterday in my garden I mowed the grass for the first time this year, and photographed some of the flowers that are in bloom just now.

It felt so good to be out in the fresh spring air, safe in my own space with the smell of newly mown grass and the mossy feel of it giving soft beneath my feet, the cool taste of balmy breeze on my lips, the sound of seagulls soaring high overhead in beautiful blue skies and the luscious green underfoot punctuated by splashes of complementary colours scattered artfully throughout the bordering flower beds.

Afterwards I sat outside on my creaky wicker chair with a welcome cup of tea and felt the sun warm my soul for the longest while, remembering with the slightest trace of a soft smile just how calming and peaceful it is just to feel at one with nature… 🙂

Weekly Smile


12 thoughts on “Yesterday In my Garden

  1. Mowing the grass already… wow. Actually, my guess is that my dad will mow his grass soon (yes, he is 87 and has 3 acres to mow, as well as the 5 acre church lawn…), but where I live, it will be at least a month.

    It does sound great to be out in the sun, fresh mowed grass and flowers. I can see why you had a smile as you relaxed 🙂

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