April A-Z: P is for People in Passing in a Pandemic

I must admit I’m really struggling with my A-Z this year, finding it hard to motivate myself to post my own alphabetical posts never mind read many posts by anyone else. I’m still carrying on regardless though, going through the motions day by day but to be honest much of the time my heart’s really not in it.

I had some tentative pre-prepared ideas in the planning to make it all so much more interesting than this, to take in real time and share for posterity potential photographs full of busy people in busy public places enjoying life en masse. But instead I’ve had to re-think my plans, sticking much closer to home and focusing on more solitary subjects seen from afar or filling in the inevitable gaps with a few iffy pre-lockdown last-minute-panic phone-camera shots.

So for today’s ‘P is for…’ post I’m simply sharing a few selected images of everyday people in the passing during a pandemic, just people I’ve seen while out on my allotted daily walk. People like me, each of us doing our individual best to be healthy human beings while still being considerate to others in this ongoing stressful situation we all find ourselves in.

We smile and say hi or nod as we pass, acknowledging each other’s presence as we inevitably find ourselves skirting round each other at a safe distance, almost automatically moving away like magnets of the same polarity being pushed together. In spite of deliberately giving each other a wide berth there’s an odd feeling of togetherness in keeping apart so carefully. It feels like we’re a community of connected strangers seeking intimacy in isolation.

I think if there’s one central thing this government-enforced social distancing is showing me it’s the sheer importance of people in my life. I may be a depressive introvert and a long-time loner and someone who is perfectly happy in only my own company much of the time but oh, how I miss that easy everyday contact with people. Not just my family and friends, but real life day-to-day social contact with humanity in general…

For this year’s A-Z I’m going to take you on a photographic tour of My Inverness, Past and Present. I grew up in the local area, I went to school here and brought up my three children here, but I moved away to London for 18 years before returning home for good at the end of last summer.

P.S. My initial plan for my A-Z posts has necessarily been curtailed somewhat due to the current coronavirus pandemic, but we’ll get through the alphabet one way or another, however creative my use of subjects may have to be – so thank you for visiting Inverness with me, and I hope you enjoy our trip!

5 thoughts on “April A-Z: P is for People in Passing in a Pandemic

  1. It is so difficult for all of us isn’t it Ruth. I relied on our daily drives out to relieve the stresses in my life but that too is no longer permitted. I become so depressed over it, so put all my energy into my blog. But like you I am finding even that hard. Just hoping and praying that this virus buggers off quick sharp. You never know. Some of them just burn themselves out in time. Yes, such depressing times, but do you know what Ruth – thinking of you in your garden cheers me up. Thinking of all your lovely plants and flowers. This too shall pass – in time. Keep going Ruth – and have a virtual smile, a hello, and a hug.

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