Respiratory Russian Roulette

The thing with this damned coronavirus is that without a vaccine it leaves us all gambling with our potential long-term health in a dangerous and risky game of respiratory Russian roulette.

Who gets it symptom-free, who gets a relatively mild but nevertheless seriously unpleasant set of symptoms, and who gets the full life-or-death artificial ventilation experience complete with potential catastrophic organ failure feels like it’s entirely down to the random spin of the chamber.

To the precise freak-of-nature moment the smoking gun Covid-revolver decides by sheer chance which particular chamber has your name on it – is it going to be empty so you effectively dodge a bullet, does it hold a blank leaving you down-but-not-out, or is it about to give you a jackpot full-calibre lethal hit?

The fact that most of the time we can’t possibly know this for sure should keep us all careful, cautious, reminding us that we are, after all, only human. Sometimes elderly people and those with pre-existing conditions survive it and otherwise healthy young people die. Doctors and nurses are dying, too, so with the best will in the world it stands to reason there’s no guarantee they can save us if they can’t always save themselves…

Across the globe so many of us are willing to sacrifice on a temporary basis our individual freedoms to follow the scientific advice as best we can, trying to protect ourselves and our loved ones from potential death. We think not only of ourselves and our own families but of those within our communities who continue to work to keep the rest of us going through this lockdown, and we try our best to protect them too, however much it hurts.

And yet… Always out there we have the gamblers who think they can beat the odds of mortal danger, the selfish individuals who consider only their own desires and to hell with everyone else, the all-too-eager conspiracy-theory crazies in their element.

Worse still there are people who seem to doubt the seriousness of this pandemic, who deny the reality of Covid-19 killing so many people whose time on this earth in normal circumstances would almost certainly not yet have come.

It beggars belief but it’s hard to know which is worse – the bullish arrogance or the breath-taking ignorance of holding such scarily dangerous views? Although in some cases, I’m sure it’s probably a bit of both…

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5 thoughts on “Respiratory Russian Roulette

  1. I got a telephone call yesterday asking me to go in for a heart MRI scan, I hadn’t been out for above 3 weeks! It felt quite scary. The hospital was so quite mainly staff walking around. My scan took 90 minutes and I was pleased when it was over, I had to wear a mask so inside the machine felt even hotter! I’m so grateful to the NHS , the nurse I was with said that 250 patients had been discharged the day earlier who had recovered from the virus. My daughter as I’ve said previously works for the 999 service and she said that she had done 3 days of 12 hours shifts with hardly any phone calls regarding the C Virus. Hopefully things will ease a little but we can’t become complacent. ❤️

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    1. My dad’s been in hospital for the past two weeks – uti causing high temp, but thankfully non-corona related – so it’s been doubly hard not being able to visit him. He’s in a room on his own and as ever gets really confusedt where he is, so it’s not an ideal situation at all for an 83 year old with dementia. He’s on the mend now though, so hopefully should be home again soon. Hope your scan gave good results ❤

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