Lockdown Meltdown Averted

This morning I had a bit of a lockdown meltdown threatening – it’s been five weeks today – so I took myself off for a walk in the woods nearby. Yes, I know I live in a town but it’s close to home so I walked there first (uphill all the way), then had my walk in the woods, then walked home again (downhill all the way) and felt so much better afterwards.

Walking in nature always makes me feel rejuvenated somehow, so the earthy forest smells and the everyday woodland sounds and the dusty feel of well-trodden hard-packed ground beneath my feet today worked wonders, releasing the tension in my body and amazingly even putting the slightest hint of a relaxed smile on my face πŸ™‚

Weekly Smile


14 thoughts on “Lockdown Meltdown Averted

  1. Good on you Ruth. I am starting to have meltdowns too. Me and my husband are under such stress and we are yelling at each other. Think we might take that drive and risk the police. I love woodland walks Ruth. We have a lovely forest near to here.

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  2. I could not have survived this long without walks in the woods! Glad you were able to get and hope you can more often. There is the rejuvenating power of nature. Love the photos of the woods.

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    1. I’m trying to stick as close to home as I can when out for a walk, so as the canal is only at the end of our road, following the towpath in either direction seems to be the most obvious choice on most days – but today I needed a walk with a bit more ooomph to it, and it was oh so worth it! πŸ™‚

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  3. I know…I’m getting antsy. My husband, who goes to check on his brother every day, tells me the redbud is blooming in town, and so are some crab apples. I don’t see any of that because I am here at home staying in except for grocery shopping which is nothing if not stressful in itself. I am glad you have a woods that you can walk to, even if it is all uphill. I have driven to a local park and walked there when I needed to get away. I think I need to do that again. I took Katie to her park yesterday 2 times! Once was with a friend and we social distanced as we walked. Mostly anyway, sometimes with 3 dogs that was harder to do than other times. I have to go to the grocery store again this week. Gearing up to the appropriate stress level now.

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