Foodie FUBAR

I’m generally quite a confident cook, so am always happy to play around and experiment with different ideas and just wait and see how things turn out. Luckily for me, whatever new concoction of ingredients I experiment with, my husband is always happy to give it a go and I can probably count on the fingers of one hand the absolute culinary disasters I’ve had over the last 20 years we’ve been together.

But it’s easy to tell my mind’s a bit preoccupied just now, because recently we almost had a foodie FUBAR incident with a normal everyday decidedly non-experimental basic sponge mixture for a quick-and-easy Eve’s pudding. (NB Eve’s pudding is like apple crumble but with a soft sponge on top rather than a dense and crunchy crumble.)

What happened was I was thinking about tons of other stuff while I was preparing everything. I peeled, cored and sliced the apples on autopilot, placed them in an oven-proof dish, sprinkled lemon juice and a little brown sugar and some cinnamon, and microwaved them for a minute or so to start to soften a little.

And while the apples were in the microwave, I got on with making the sponge mix – equal weights of butter, sugar, eggs, flour all beaten up together to a smooth thick batter consistency. Then I added some cinnamon powder and vanilla extract to flavour the mix and reached up to my spice rack to grab some ginger powder, giving it a good heaped-teaspoon-worth shake over the bowl to give the cake a little kick.

At this point, with the smell of cinammony apples coming from the microwave, my husband came through to see what I was making, and asked to taste the cake batter before I poured it over the apples and put it into the oven to bake. He took a taste on the tip of his finger, and pulled a puzzled face. He took another taste just to be sure…

Um… That tastes funny… Have you used curry powder instead of cinnamon, he asked? I picked up the tub in question – nope, definitely cinnamon. So I tasted it myself… yuk! That wasn’t ginger I was tasting… It was garlic! In my pre-occupied mind-state it seems I’d picked up the powdered garlic instead of the powdered ginger off the spice rack and had applied it liberally to the sweet cake mix without even noticing… Duh!

So the dodgy garlic-infused cake batter went in the bin and I started again, using ginger powder this time, and thankfully the resulting Eve’s pudding was as yummy as usual, eaten hot with cold vanilla ice-cream…Mmmm…!

However, the epilogue to this story is that my husband was doing something DIY-ish the other day and I reminded him to be careful. He looked at me with a grin and said – You know I’ve been doing stuff like this for years, I do know what to do… I mean, I don’t tell you how much garlic to put in a cake, do I?

Ha ha ha ha OMG will I ever live it down! 😀

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Experiment

14 thoughts on “Foodie FUBAR

  1. I remember when I first met my wife, I got two gorgeous-looking desserts to eat after supper. They required 10 minutes in the oven, or something.
    Except, she had one of these flash combi ovens that I was new to. So the desserts got microwaved for 10 minutes instead!

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  2. Haha that was so funny. I remember my mum making my dad corn beef hash and had forgotten to put the corn beef in so he had a plate with a pancake and potatoes and onions. He never let her forget and after he passed my sister and I used to remind her about it. She was not amused. 🤣😂🤣

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  3. 🙂 A relative on FB told a similar story about grabbing the leftover butter from dinner to make a fruit crumble for breakfast -and it was a cube they’d mixed garlic into, for the French bread.

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