Forty for Forty

Forty random thoughts after forty days of lockdown…

  1. Introverts like living quiet at home

2. Pyjamas make great all-day day-wear

3. I don’t mind the ‘at home’ bit of being stuck at home for the duration, but I’m not so keen on the ‘stuck’ bit

4. Sometimes isolations sucks

5. Even introverts miss everyday interactions with other people

6. Smiling from a safe distance is better than nothing

7. ‘Clapping for Carers’ on my doorstep is the social highlight of my week

8. I miss my family so much

9. Hugs are a precious resource

10. People matter far more than things

11. I really love living in our house

12. Routines are really important for me

13. Housework can be surprisingly fulfilling at times

14. Newly-washed clothes smell lovely and fresh-air-y when dried outside on the line

15. Having a garden to spend time in when the weather’s nice is absolutely brilliant

16. I love the smell of freshly-mown grass, even though it gives me hay-fever

17. Having a conservatory to spend time in when it’s raining outside is a real bonus

18. Learning to look after plants is fun

19. Having loads of time to read without feeling guilty is an added pleasure

20. I’m finding it surprisingly hard to motivate myself to read right now

21. My collection of colouring in books remain uncreatively uncoloured for now

22. The more television channels there are to choose from, the less I can find that I actually want to watch

23. Listening to the radio reminds me of growing up

24. Singing along to old songs on the radio can really lifts my spirits

25. Not doing and just being is absolutely ok at times

26. Days off are far more fun if there’s actually something to be having a day off from

27. Too much uninterrupted free time starts to become tiresome after a while

28. Nature abhors a vacuum

29. Birdsong is beautiful

30. We regularly see five different types of birds in our garden

31. Flowers don’t care about the pandemic

32. I love walking in nature, it always grounds me

33. The stimulating, saline smell of crisp sea air fills my nose with happy memories

34. Sunshine gladdens my heart

35. Rain comforts me in my misery

36. Silence is golden

37. Loneliness feels so empty, echoing like a cold cavernous cave, dark and depressing

38. Better six feet apart than six feet under

39. Coronavirus is cruel

40. Now is not forever…

2 thoughts on “Forty for Forty

  1. Love this, my social pleasure is receiving the online supermarket shop! I had a little drive this morning with the windows wide open just so I could breathe in the fresh air!

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