Ecce Romani

For this week’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday post Linda has given us the word ‘cave’ – and if memory serves me right, in Latin-speaking ancient Rome, cave (pronounced cah-vay) meant ‘beware’ – like in caveat emptor – buyer beware! And salve (sal-vay) meant the equivalent of ‘hello’.

I studied really basic Latin at school, an extra class I took for one year only. The text-book series we read was called ‘Ecce Romani’ (which pretty much meant ‘Look, Romans!’) and over time we followed a reasonably well-to-do Roman family through everyday life way back when, effectively increasing our vocabulary along with their dubious exploits as we all went along.

Limited stuff I remember (or perhaps mis-remember) from my beginners Latin class circa mid-1970s (Book 1: Meeting the Family) includes the following useless phrases:

Claudia et Cornelia amicae sunt (Claudia and Cornelia are friends)

Marcus et Sextus in horto ludunt (Marcus and Sextus are playing in the garden)

Canes in fossam olfaciunt (the dogs are sniffing in the ditches)

Oh, and I remember our teacher used to get irritated at us for constantly translating servus as servant, when it should have been ‘slave’…

Yup, told ya, totally useless! 🙂

9 thoughts on “Ecce Romani

  1. Thanks for the laughter at remembering things i did in 10th grade french. 5th year, beyond taking us to a french restaurant in Boston for lunch, what could they do? We watched french movies, made french food, and discovered words we shouldnt know at that age.

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  2. Hahaha, I studied Latin too, but I baulked when they expected me to learn by heart great swathes of texts, so I made no effort and subsequently got a U. But my very elementary Latin has been useful in picking up languiages like French, which I have used.

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