My Lockdown Locks, and Other Confessions

Confession time – To be perfectly honest I haven’t dyed my hair for years, and often cut it myself anyway, so the truth is this two-month lockdown has had minimal impact on my (also minimal) personal grooming to date.

I’ve never been a neatly-coiffured kind of girl, and although when I was younger I used to highlight my mousy-blonde hair regularly I gave that up when the condition of my ageing hair went absolutely haywire during menopause – so nowadays I’m just letting it grey naturally, and letting it do its own thing much of the time.

And I’ve got really blonde, almost invisible eyebrows and have never been particularly rigourous at plucking out errant strays at the best of times, so nothing has changed there. And make-up? Well, I usually wear the barest minimum for work, just to make the effort, but never wear it at home so haven’t worn make-up for the last couple of months as I’ve been furloughed at work – but again, that’s entirely normal for me.

Oh, actually there is one big thing I notice that is different with me during lockdown – I’ve become really lazy at shaving my legs, but thankfully they don’t show in this pic of me in the garden last week, face and hair au naturel… Confession over! πŸ™‚

Weekly Prompt: Personal Grooming

6 thoughts on “My Lockdown Locks, and Other Confessions

  1. I don’t always wear makeup at home, but it’s many years since I walked out of the door without wearing any. Legs yes, one minute while I’m in the shower, just part of my morning routine! I think whatever suits us Ruth, never to please anyone else, just us πŸ™‚

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  2. Loved the true confession Ruth. For a while I also became lazy and did not shave for a number of months. I thought this was cool until I realized that every time I put on my facial mask the unruly facial hairs would cause me to tug on them while trying to adjust the mask on my face. From now on a clean shaving man!

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    1. My son has grown a beard (well, just not shaved) whilst working for home for these past couple of months, but he’s got really dry skin and is finding it too itchy underneath the beard, so I think it’s going to be shaved off… πŸ™‚

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