Sixty for Sixty

At the end of last month I wrote a list of 40 random thoughts for 40 days of lockdown, expecting – hoping – it all to be ending soon after that time… Well, for the beginning of the end to be starting, at least.

But here we are nearly three weeks later, and I’m still stuck at home just as I was then, so here I am writing another list, this time 60 random thoughts for 60 days of lockdown…

1 This pandemic sucks big time

2 Thankfully no-one I love has caught the virus yet

3 Coronavirus still sucks more than lockdown, but sometimes only just

4 I’ve missed five family birthdays so far

5 I miss seeing my family more than I can say

6 Hugs are truly precious

7 At least my husband and I have each other to hold

8 I’m oh-so-fed-up with being stuck at home on my own so much while my husband goes out to work

9 Who knew that even an introvert loner can have enough of their own company?

10 I miss that ordinary everyday easy passing-the-time-of-day with other people

11 Human beings are inherently social animals

12 Every day feels like Groundhog Day

13 My motivation to do stuff all the time is melting away

14 Time passes, no matter what

15 Sometimes idleness is ideal

16 Waiting without a fixed end date to aim for is horrible, even though I understand why

17 I make myself do something productive every day

18 Blogging keeps me going

19 Colouring in helps too

20 The simple joy of curling up quietly with a good book is returning at last

21 Routine stops me going mad

22 Housework as a hobby is fast losing its shine

23 I frequently ponder the philosophy of vacuuming in a vacuum

24 I fret over the futility of removing dust deposits that no-one sees anyway

25 I try to cook us nice meals every day

26 I’m getting bored of eating my own cooking all the time

27 At least there’s plenty of time to prepare fresh food

28 We do have a nicely situated dining table to eat at

29 I’ve stripped the old wallpaper off the dining room walls

30 Our new wallpaper is bought but not yet put up

31 I love living in our new house so much

32 For how long does a ‘new’ house count as new?

33 A full calendar year and experiencing all four seasons in our new home feels about right for me

34 I feel so grateful for having a conservatory

35 Growing plants is a symbiotic form of nurturing – I nurture my plants and they nurture me

36 How amazing to have a garden to enjoy

37 I delight in the acquisition of new gardening tools

38 I love the view from my kitchen window

39 Nature surprises me every day

40 Flowers don’t care about coronavirus, flowers just grow

41 Blackbirds sing their beautiful song to us every day

42 There are worse places to be during a lockdown

43 I’m so glad we moved out of London

44 Our tiny first floor flat would have been hell to be stuck in for the duration

45 Lockdown restrictions have already begun to be eased in England

46 We’re still all ‘Staying at Home’ for the time being in Scotland, at least until the end of next week

47 Social distancing, social distancing, social distancing…

48 Everything feels so near and yet so far

49 Solitude seeps silently through my soul

50 Do I have a sadness saturation point?

51 Depression slowly deepens my shadows

52 I know that this too shall pass

53 Vulnerability feels scary

54 A life lived in fear is a life half-lived, and I’m feeling that lack

55 Sometimes we have to feel the fear and do things anyway

56 What we cannot cure, we must endure

57 Time and tide wait for no man

58 Humanity needs to learn more humility

59 Nature needs to be respected more

60 Coronavirus is clearly something we’re all going to have to learn to live with long-term…

4 thoughts on “Sixty for Sixty

      1. That’s what I think too Ruth. A depressing thought but nevertheless true. They keep telling us we’ll have to learrn to live with it.

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  1. I was trying to count the Positive and negative in your list at first I thought the negatives were in front then lots of positives came along. Personally I’m not waiting for an end date because that would depress me. I’ve just accepted that this is the way it is for the foreseeable and as long as I can see my children and grandchildren online or across the garden and their healthy and happy then so am I. ❤️

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