Five Things I Miss During Lockdown

Dr Tanya at Salted Caramel asks us to list five things we missed during lockdown.

As here in Scotland we are technically still in lockdown, with only a minimal easing of restrictions to date, I’m writing my list in the present tense 🙂

Hugs – Of course I can (and do!) still hug my husband several times a day, but I really miss hugging my kids and grandkids and my parents, and also my friends and work colleagues and all other huggable people in my life. I’m usually a really huggy person, so I’m finding this lack of everyday human touch really difficult to deal with.

Pub lunches – I miss being able to say ‘Stuff cooking today, let’s go to the pub for lunch’ and actually doing it – sigh!

Going out for the day – It doesn’t matter where, just the freedom to decide to go out somewhere – anywhere – and be around other people and not have to worry about personal proximity or face coverings or potentially catching a virus that might kill us.

Work – Yes I know, strange as it seems I miss physically going to work. There’s a familiarity to the daily routine of going out to work to earn a living that furlough just doesn’t recreate, even though I’m still receiving 80% of my usual salary just to stay at home.

Time off – Crazy though it sounds, I really miss that feeling of having ‘time off’, even though you could argue that technically I have infinite time off at the moment. But I think for me that’s the point – in order to really appreciate and enjoy the finite quality of ‘time off’, it feels to me that I have to have something to have time off from 🙂

7 thoughts on “Five Things I Miss During Lockdown

  1. I totally get the one about missing time off! I was put on standby at work for a month ( lucky my job came back so soon ) and when the weekend rolled around I was like “meh”. Now I am back to being excited when Friday rolls around.

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