Strawberry Surprise

We’ve been taking a ‘wait and see’ approach to our garden since moving in to our house last October, carefully letting all new green shoots grow enough so we can decide if we have bona-fide plants or weeds, and so whether they stay or go, and it’s amazing what has appeared out of the earth so far.

And look, to our surprise we seem to have some strawberries growing in a flower bed! Whether or not they’re ever going to ripen red enough to make any edible fruit is unclear at the moment, but for now the promise of the possibility over the summer is enough to make us smile in anticipation 🙂

Weekly Smile

9 thoughts on “Strawberry Surprise

  1. When we moved into our current house we did the same and discovered these amazing thistles. They come up close to 6 feet tall and have huge flowers. They’re dreadful and spread everywhere. But we still keep one or two just because they are do prehistoric looking! Hope your strawberries do well.

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    1. We have a large thistle growing too, by the back wall, and I know we should remove it as a weed but my husband loves thistles, so I guess it’s staying put for now 🙂


      1. I think we may try to move ours. Our yard is very large, almost 2 acres. About half is treed with beautiful maples, oaks and elms. But we have a half acre or so fenced and the thistles grow all over that fenced area. I’ve stepped on the leaves barefoot. Ouch!!! We just got rid of a bunch of wild raspberries too. It definitely takes time to decide what you want your “on purpose” plants to be!

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