Garden Birds

No pictures, I’m afraid, just words today. Since hanging a small bird feeder on the plum tree outside the kitchen window last week, we’ve been paying far more attention to identifying which birds we see (and hear) in our garden.

Squalling seagulls swooping here there and everywhere are a given, of course – after all we live by the sea – and crows and wood pigeons are never far away with their cawing and cooing. We have blackbirds – both black males and brown females – and sparrows and dunnocks aplenty. I’ve occasionally seen a great tit or two, and there are coal tits and blue tits, and the other day we spied two goldfinches with their red heads and flashes of gold on the wing.

So my smile this week is not only that we can see and hear all these different species of birds in our garden, but also that I’m learning to recognise them again – I love living so closely attuned to nature, it feels good to be part of it every day πŸ™‚

Weekly Smile


11 thoughts on “Garden Birds

  1. I know the feeling Ruth. Nature can make up for a lot. We have blackbirds, gokdfinches, coal tits, chaffinces. Tree sparrows, house sparrows, pigeons, doves and a robin. We might get more but don’t always notice. Of course, hubby tells me all this and I imagine it. Birds keep usaluve Ruth 😊

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  2. Ruth, I share the same smile that you described in your last paragraph. The past two weeks, I noticed a lot of young birds that have grown bigger and more steady on their feet and flying skills. Their mothers are always close by so I keep a safe distance.

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