My Health, My Life, My Choice…

Fandango asks a very topical Provocative Question this week:-

Which pre-pandemic activities are you ready to resume (or have you already resumed)? Which, if any, pre-pandemic activities are you likely to continue to avoid?

To date, due to Scotland’s continuing lockdown combined with my particular personal circumstances, none of my pre-pandemic activities have been resumed in full as yet, and I suppose I’ve had to be ok with that so far. However, with any luck we should be having a wholesale move to the next stage of re-opening soon, and to be honest I’m absolutely ok with that, too.

The main thing I’m keen to move on to is to be able to see other members of my family indoors, even with social distancing still in place, because that makes visiting with everyone possible in a way it’s not at the moment. Visiting with small groups outdoors only with no access to a toilet is definitely better than nothing but isn’t really feasible or practical for all: You still have to live close enough in the first place to make that possible.

And I’m definitely ready to go back to my job in the ladieswear section of a local department store with limited customers, careful social distancing and wearing a mask as soon as this is allowed. My husband has continued working in a local supermarket throughout lockdown, so by now people are used to how to behave in shops during the pandemic. Hopefully there won’t be too much of a free-for-all rugby scrum in womenswear in an Inverness department store – not sure when larger stores will be allowed to open again though, so exactly when that might be remains to be seen.

But when it comes to socialising in larger groups with strangers close by, however much I’ve missed it I’m not so sure how quickly I’ll go back to going out comfortably for a coffee with friends, or out for a pub lunch, because having carefully avoided other people for the last three months I’m not sure how relaxed I’d feel to be in that kind of environment straight away. And of course the point of going out for coffee or for a pub lunch is to relax and enjoy yourself, so we’ll see how that goes.

So whatever our Government proclaims we’re going to be allowed to do and when we’re allowed to do it with regards to this pandemic, I’ll probably go along with it in spirit but will nevertheless keep my own counsel and make my own decisions on looking out for myself into the future, until I know for sure my behaviour in public isn’t likely to make me end up really sick or worse, end up dead. My health, my life, my choice 🙂

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