Sitting Tight

Stuff is starting to open up again here in Scotland. Lockdown is unlocking, bit by bit, slowly but surely.

From today all non-essential shops can start to open again as long as they have doors opening directly onto the street – so not indoor shopping centre shops, therefore not the store I work in, fully enclosed as it is and accessible (at least customer-wise) only from within the shopping centre itself. That final level of all shops opening up here should be happening from 13th July, all being well.

So what exciting stuff do I have on the horizon for today? Frenzied spending spree, celebrating freedom at last? Milling around mindlessly in the melee, just because I can? Nope, not in a million years. Today finds me sitting tight at home, just like yesterday and the day before and the day before that. I’ll be doing some housework, cooking food and eating it, and spending time with my husband, who has a day off work.

Somewhere along the line it seems I’ve got used to the smallness of my life at home, and suddenly I find I’m ok with biding my time. I certainly haven’t spent the last 98 days staying safe in and around my own space just to blow it all in a potential virus-fest free-for-all. Of course it might not be that bad out there, but I’ve seen all the crazy-crowd de-mob-happy images from England, from America, and I think I’ll pass today, just incase.

My plan is only to go out when I need to go out for something, but not before. For now, knowing that lockdown is unlocking at last is enough… πŸ™‚

11 thoughts on “Sitting Tight

  1. I agree. Our area is slowly reopening, and we did go out to a favorite shop locally that just reopened. But they were limiting to 250 people total, and its a double store so plenty of room. Plus masks were mandatory, arrows were everywhere on the floor showing uou where and how to walk, and carts were sanitized for you when you entered the store. We needed lightweight hiking shoes and some bread pans. Love a shop that carries both! But then it was home again. No malls, no restaurants, yes they’re open but not a necessity. Health is more important.

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  2. Oh, Ruth, I so agree with you. I went out for a medical appointment on Friday, first time I’d been away from home since the 12th March (I count walking up and down my lane as home). The staff wore PPE, I was given a mask (instead of my own) given hand gel to use and my temperature was taken and all within a couple of feet of the door! It was reassuring, but seeing as that won’t happen anywhere else, like you, I’m staying home.

    I cannot understand all those people descending onto the beaches in Bournemouth, what on earth is wrong with them?

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  3. We are in the second phase of reopening. I have been out, but only to nearly empty places. No crowds, nearly full or even half full places for me.

    I am assuming it’s easier to deal with this mess than it would have been had you stayed in London.

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    1. OMG I’m so glad we’re not in London any more, out of necessity everyone bar the super-rich lives and works so tightly-packed together that social distancing even at home is nigh on impossible for many. Much happier (and safer) up here in Inveness where it’s possible to spread out more πŸ™‚

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