Fiery Skies

Linda has set us a different kind of prompt for today’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday – we need to find a picture closest to us, then use the title or lyrics of whatever song comes to mind when looking at the picture… convoluted but quite a cool idea!

So, the nearest picture to me while reading the prompt is a picture of a door – well several doors actually – in a glossy brochure advertising energy-efficient doors, sitting with other similar items on the coffee table. We’re currently looking for a new front door, back door, and all the windows in the older part of our house.

The picture of a door makes me think of the Doors, which inevitably makes me think of ‘Light my Fire’, and I’m wondering idly what I might post about lighting fires… And I walk through to the kitchen to make a cup of tea and while I’m waiting for the kettle to boil I see the sun setting outside our dining room window, and it looks like the skies are on fire.

Phone raised, photograph taken, prompt completed by the time my tea has brewed – boom! 🙂


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