Fell Asleep On…

Today would have been my grandmother’s 106th birthday – 14th July, Siege of the Bastille. She lived a long life, surviving two World Wars, and she died peacefully in her 90s with her two adult children by her bedside, one on each side of her holding her hand. She just drifted off in the end, ‘fell asleep’ as so many gravestones say, passed on quietly to whatever comes next, if anything.

Well over a decade on I still miss her a lot, and as my first grandson was born a few years before she died we had five direct-line generations living for a while. I used to think of us like Russian nesting dolls – my grandmother with my mother inside her, then me inside my mum, my daughter inside me, and my grandson the tiniest doll in the middle of all of us 🙂

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Asleep

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