The New Dinosaurs

Over the last few months, since this coronavirus pandemic so drastically altered the way we experience almost everything we hold dear to our hearts, when it comes to considering the future of humanity my mood regularly vacillates between hope and despair.

On my positive, optimistic days I feel charged with hope, and feel sure we’ll all (eventually) pull together as one people across the globe, committed as a species to get through this difficult period of adjustment and re-alignment in the knowledge that life will adapt as ever to the necessary changes Covid-19 brings. Current frustrations will inevitably ease as familiarity spreads and we find new favourable ways to have fun without fear.

We’ll learn to live together in a far more careful, cautious, respectful way within our own cultures and communities and moving out across the world. We’ll socialise in smaller groups spaced comfortably apart, and perhaps soon enough we’ll look back on historical images of mass gatherings in close proximity and wonder how we could not have foreseen the potential health hazard of seeking out such uncomfortably close contact and spending extended time with seething hoards of strangers.

I mean, when smoking restrictions were first introduced here in the UK it felt far too much to expect society to accept, and yet here we are today shocked that people used to smoke so easily and thoughtlessly on trains, on planes, in offices and shops yet no-one at that time found it odd, because it was simply how things were. In the wake of HIV we now practice safe sex without question, because these days we understand the potential dangers of not doing so. And not having seat-belts in cars seems unthinkable nowadays.

But on my negative, pessimistic days I feel doomed to despair at the self-destructive set of the human race. We consistently rape the natural world with an entitlement borne of ignorance and arrogance and when she finally gives birth to a novel coronavirus gestated in our own greed we create convoluted conspiracy theories based on an inability to understand basic cause and effect. Mother Earth is having her ‘Me Too’ moment and much of mankind stubbornly refuses to accept what she is telling us.

Too many of us are the new dinosaurs, drifting towards extinction with our heads in the clouds and our fingers in our ears, telling each other with puffed-up pride filling our tiny brains in our thick skulls that these so-called destructive giant meteor showers are a hoax perpetrated by our powerless prey. They are nothing more than little shooting stars in the sky, we say, re-affirming our self-belief that we are the biggest, the best, the greatest animals ever to roam the earth and nothing will ever take away our right to be right.

But we all know how well that one worked out last time… boom… bye-bye! Mother Nature – One, Big Dinosaurs – Nil 🙂

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Vacillate

4 thoughts on “The New Dinosaurs

  1. I wish I could have some of the optimistic perspectives you have, but I vacillate between being depressed about what is going on and being angry about it. I don’t see a whole lot of positive out there to make me feel optimistic.

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  2. It often takes what seems to be way too long, but I think we eventually get it. We will get past this challenge, Ruth. Anyone that thinks life during these times is just too hard should read about life during WW II.

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