A Bit of a Rant

Spot the deliberate mistake – yup, my Stream of Consciousness Saturday post is being posted on Sunday evening! Sorry, been busy at work this weekend, so this may well turn out to be a bit of a rant. It’s now been a whole month since I went back to work and in some ways it’s been good but in others, not so much.

Positives include still having a job to go to, and earning a full pay instead of the 80% wage we received on furlough (for which I was extremely grateful, as it was a million times better than earning nothing for the duration of lockdown). And seeing work colleagues regularly, that’s definitely good too. It’s also nice not to feel stuck in limbo any more, life is at least on the move again, even with the inevitable restrictions still in place.

And I must emphasise that most of the customers we serve over the course of the day are absolutely delighted to be out shopping for clothes in person again, are simply happy to see us and appreciate that we are out there doing whatever we have to do to make it possible, and understand that the store may be open again after a fashion, but any real sense of how things were before is still a long way off.

Negatives, however, include the very few inconsiderate customers who clearly seem to resent the lack of normality to their shopping experience and who choose to take their frustrations out on stressed-out staff who are simply doing their best to make the most of a difficult situation, by at least providing a limited service where possible. Reduced opening hours, reduced staffing levels, reduced options, granted – but at least we’re open.

So no, you can’t try clothes on in store, but you are free to buy them, take them home and return whatever doesn’t fit. We are not trying to inconvenience you, we are trying to keep you safe. Returned clothing then goes into quarantine for a couple of days before being replaced on the sales floor. And no, you definitely can’t have a bra-fitting – hello, social distancing, people! Bra fittings are well and truly up close and personal!

We may only have two till points functioning on a normal four-till pay desk, but that is to ensure we too can keep our distance from each other, so you may have to wait a little longer than usual in line to be served. And once you reach the till point we may ask you you to stand in a specific place behind a perspex screen while you are paying for your items and for the rest of your family to stand back for a very good reason.

Oh and please have patience with us as we regularly sanitise our hands and key-pad and everything else we (and you!) touch between each customer. Speed of service to your own satisfaction is not the only consideration. There is still a deadly virus out there, it may be on the wane but it is not yet gone, and we still have no available vaccine. So while we are happy to serve members of the public day in, day out, we will do whatever we have to do to keep all of us as safe as possible in the circumstances, like it or not.

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10 thoughts on “A Bit of a Rant

  1. Aw that’s HORRIBLE! A lot of entitled people out there though. I’m sorry your job entails having to confront the really stupid ones. I just don’t understand the way they think. Things are definitely NOT normal any more and how we used to do things isn’t the way they’re going to be done in the future. I happen to think your job is the hardest kind – having to treat the customer with kid gloves, yet being criticized, yelled at, threatened with assault and the rest in return. I really admire you and thank you for your service!

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      1. From the few times I’ve been out since Feb, people have generally been brilliant, but there are always one or two… The woman who was incapable of following arrows on the floor, say.

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  2. I know we’re too far away to help you, but we are trying to be a little extra kind to retail contacts. We thank retail workers for being there and I tip the people at restaurants a little extra. I appreciate the opportunity to shop in person and I appreciate people like you who are making that possible.

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  3. I honestly think all employees should be not only allowed but ENCOURAGED to tell customers to be damned bloody grateful a clerk is there to take their money for the crap they are buying. YOUR life, and your loved ones lives, are still at stake. COVID-19 has NOT left the area. And if they whing, you should be encouraged and REWARDED for telling the selfish twits to leave immediately and never darken the establishments doors again. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR people make me so angry!

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  4. I haven’t been out shopping yet so not seen how things are done in today’s Covid climate. It must be difficult for you, so well done for keeping your cool.

    My daughter tells me, (before compulsory masks) that she had to tell two women in a queue to move back the required distance from her and my granddaugter. She said they were so close she could almost feel their breath as they chatted away. One told my daughter to move forward instead! They just didn’t get it!

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