Window Shopping, Plain and Simple

When we bought our house ten months ago, we knew we would have to replace the ancient double glazing in both the windows and doors to be more energy efficient. As we moved in during the autumn, we’d initially decided to wait until spring and warmer weather before undergoing the upheaval. But of course in March the coronavirus hit and lockdown happened, so here we are already in mid-August only getting the new windows and doors made now.

Window shopping was a surprisingly painless experience – it actually took us very little time to decide what we wanted. The clean, sleek lines of white pvc casement windows, plain and simple, for optimal natural light and minimal long-term maintenance. We need to have two obscured glass windows, so have chosen a very plain satinised finish for these. Our new back door will be half glazed white pvc with solid bottom panelling and with the same plain satin glazing above.

Choosing our new front door took the most thought to get right, but even then we chose the door design (half glazed, solid bottom panelling) and colour (anthracite grey) without needing too much discussion, and our only consideration was the glazing. We wanted some kind of minimal design within the glass panel, but nothing too fancy either. In the end we settled for a particularly understated style of glass panel originally designed for another type of door, to be adapted for our style of door.

So right now our new doors and windows are being custom made, and should be with us sometime in September. I’m really looking forward to having them installed – the current aluminium-and-wood-framed doors and windows may still be wind and watertight (just!) but are seriously energy-inefficient and really don’t suit the property. And once we have our new windows in place, we can get on with decorating our house inside and out… what fun!

It’s inevitably going to take us years to finish everything we want to do in the house, but we’re happy enough just to take our time and do it up bit by bit as we go along. It’s one of those old properties where nothing needs done immediately but everything needs doing eventually. Things are in place but are decidedly outdated, and luckily outdated can always be updated. Hopefully the new windows and doors are going to be a really big change, and I can’t wait to see it once its all done! 🙂

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Finish

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