Brushing It Off

I used to enjoy drawing and painting just for fun, but I haven’t done it for years. I did try a few years ago to look out my art stuff and have another go, but somehow my enthusiasm didn’t last. I feel I’d like to try again, here and now, but it’s a nagging feeling I keep brushing off.

I tell myself I’m so out of practice I’ll be no good at it, then I also tell myself of course I’ll never be good at it if I don’t even try – practice makes perfect. I watch my grandchildren draw pictures of anything and everything, and they don’t hesitate – they pick up a crayon or pencil or paintbrush and make that first mark on the paper with courage and confidence. They don’t fear failure, but if it happens and the drawing goes wrong they face it and deal with it, either changing their plans or starting again.

I mean, I have plenty of beautiful plants in my garden as subjects to paint, plenty of beautiful scenery close by, plenty of paper and paints and even plenty of room in the house to be creative – so why don’t I just do it? What am I so afraid of? Watch this space…

Stream of Consciousness Saturday: Brush

12 thoughts on “Brushing It Off

      1. I’ve always been worried about what people think about the stuff I make. It took me five years to understand that no one really cares about if you’re good at it or not, except yourself. So that’s a lot of fun wasted on nothing. And a hell of a lot of power put away in other people’s hands πŸ™‚ Thank you for the nice words, by the way πŸ™‚

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  1. Go for it! My wife started off crafting, making birthday cards. She went on to quilting, and can today make dresses. Pre-lockdown, she even used to sing in a choir. All of which she did moderately well, each of which she found immensely enjoyable. My point is, there are many ways to be creative, and didn’t you say your degree was in fine art? Don’t you have a head start?

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    1. My multi-disciplinary degree is in psychology and sociology, not fine art, even though it’s a Bachelor of Arts (BA) rather than a Bachelor of Science (BSc) – but I get the message! πŸ™‚

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