A Nice Cup of Tea

Oooh, I really love a nice cup of tea! Occasionally when a more refined mood takes me I’ll have an elegant Earl Grey with its lovely fragrant bergamot undertones, but other than that I’m not one for fancy flavours so usually its just a standard builder’s brew for me.

I suppose I started taking my tea strong when my kids were small – I had three in a row, with only 12 months between the first two and fifteen months between the second and third, so for a long time actually managing to sit down with a freshly-brewed cup of tea became a thing of the past.

I’d generally get my tea made without interruption, but by the time I got round to drinking it, it would inevitably be over-brewed and luke-warm if I was lucky. A quick blast in the microwave generally restored an acceptable drinking temperature but rather than faff around any more than that I just got used to having it stronger, and over the years it’s stayed that way!

I also enjoy the delicate taste of herbal teas every now and again – mint tea or ginger and lemon are probably my favourites – and I do love a nice creamy cafe latte from anywhere with freshly ground coffee beans and a proper milk frother.

I’m still partial to a glass of cold milk at times, and often there’s nothing to beat a glass of cold water to quench your thirst. But whatever else comes and goes, I’m never ever without my cup of tea – Aaaahhh… Lovely…! 🙂

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