Fuch-sia not Fus-chia

I can’t ever seem to spell fuchsia – to me it should be fuschia, and so I have to look it up every time, even to write this post! However as I was typing out the header just now I realised one way I might possibly remember the correct spelling into the future – if I say to myself ‘It’s fuch-sia, for fuck-sake!’ I might start to get it right more often… ๐Ÿ™‚

Stream of Consciousness Saturday


13 thoughts on “Fuch-sia not Fus-chia

  1. Love that….my computer will underline the word that is misspelled and I will just right click it and there it is ( I actual misspelled the word MISSPELLED with only one S) Never been much of a speller in my youth…always sounded out or used the word game we were taught in grade school. The I before E except before (or is it AFTER) C….still looks ok to me but not always right.
    Great post by the way

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      1. Youโ€™re welcome. I donโ€™t have trouble with the spelling, but I always have to pause and think – etymology, or entomology. And then I have to remind myself of the etymology of entomology… ๐Ÿ˜‚

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