Outcome Adjourned

For varying reasons, it seems a decision on the provisional outcome of the US Presidential election will necessarily be adjourned for another few days at least while ballot counting continues carefully in those last few remaining key battleground states where the count margins are narrow and every vote counts.

It does appear, though, that Joe Biden will win the Electoral College vote as well as the popular vote to become the next US President Elect. And thankfully Donald Trump can finally be relegated to a dusty shelf of history as the nepotistic narcissistic nutter who stirred up hatred and division across America for four dark and difficult years. Hopefully at the end of all the counting this time around it will become clear that the democratic process as well as the Democratic candidate won the day and that America can once more speak as ‘We the People’ instead of ‘Me the President’.

Thankfully along with the Presidency, Trump will also lose his proxy power to spout his pathetic propaganda and lies, so that his astonishing abuses of the platform of POTUS to date will now be rendered mute. His blustering bully-boy bark will be reduced to a whimpering whine as the world stops listening to him – stops having to listen to him rant and rave at whatever personal outrage he feels slighted by on any given day.

Keep counting, America, the rest of the world is rooting for you…

Stream of Consciousness Saturday: Jour

3 thoughts on “Outcome Adjourned

  1. If only that were the end.
    I remember getting very depressed when I saw then in Davos, I guess it was 2020, when they had invited Greta Thunberg, and realising that there were more people in the room who agreed with Donald Trump than agreed with her.

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  2. Even with Trump losing, which it appears he has unless he gets his Supreme Court to intervene on his behalf, he’s still president until noon on January 20th and he can do a lot of damage between now and then. And given what a petty, vindictive bastard he is, I’ve no doubt he’ll do his best to do his worst.

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  3. I had hoped that this election would not be so close, but glad that the majority of Americans voted for the candidate who is actually sane, ethical and moral. Although Trump will not have the speaking power of the President, I imagine he will stay on Twitter and continue his barrage of inappropriate and untrue comments. Perhaps Twitter can do us all a favor and ban him from the platform once he’s out of office.

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