Milk, No Sugar

Nine times out of ten, unless I’m in the actual process of meal preparation or putting away newly-purchased food shopping, the last thing I put in my refrigerator will almost always be a large carton of milk, stored in the fridge door, because I love a cup of tea and I take my tea with milk and no sugar.

Even on the rare occasions I have a cup of coffee the same rule applies – milk no sugar, and although I like my coffee strong I like it with loads of milk so I first heat about half a cup of milk in the microwave before adding my coffee. I’m also quite partial to a glass of cold milk from time to time, so one way or another I always make sure I have loads of milk available in the fridge…

And to be absolutely accurate, I’m sitting here typing this with a cup of tea next to me so…

Yep… milk it is!

Stream of Consciousness Saturday

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