Stranger than Fiction

I used to be a voracious reader but nowadays, not so much.

It’s strange, but I don’t really know when or why my appetite for my beloved paperbacks diminished so dramatically over the decades, but somewhere along the line the ability to focus, to concentrate, to lose myself so completely in the fantasy of fiction the way I used to has all but evaporated.

I still have my go-to favourite books I dip into now and again, but I just don’t read them quite like I did before – I’ve somehow lost the love, become detached from delving into my dreamlands so readily, and as time passes I’m finding it bothers me more and more.

I miss it, that comforting characterful world inside my head I carry with me wherever I go, whatever crap reality throws at me. Perhaps I should just find a way to pick up a paperback again and revive that passion once more, breathe the kiss of life back into the wonderful world of words on the page, ripe for turning…

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Voracious

10 thoughts on “Stranger than Fiction

  1. I don’t read as much as I used to. Back when I was working, I would read on the commuter train on the way to work and on the way back home. And I’d also read on the frequent flights I’d take for my job. But now that I’m retired and no longer commute to and from work nor do I fly anymore. So I’m down from a few dozen books a year to maybe half a dozen, if that.

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      1. I find I like it when I’m having a bath, or going to bed, say. It’s less effort than reading. I think they give you your first book free, if you ever look into it. Plus there are free audiobook sites, I think, but less of a selection.


      2. I used to read in the bath a lot, until I got reading glasses and things got a bit more complicated! And now of course I read blogs instead of books, so that takes up a lot more of my leisure time these days…

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