Frayed Around the Edges

When it comes to my regular blogging interactions I think I’m possibly going to lie low for the next few weeks…

One way or another 2020 has not proved to be a great year for most people, and as we see the end in sight I for one am feeling more than a little frazzled and frayed around the edges. Coronavirus fatigue is frustratingly real – I’m still following all local and national restrictions as required but to be honest I’m starting to feel resentful when I see so many others around me bending the rules, or in some cases blatantly breaking them.

And added to the usual stresses of working in retail over the Christmas period during a pandemic (including working longer hours all through December), the large UK company I work for is no longer doing so well financially in these Covid times and we found out last week that I and all of my work colleagues are now facing the painful prospect of potentially being made wholesale redundant early in the new year.

So overall it’s proving to be a really difficult time for all of us at work just now, but in the meantime we still maintain the polite professionalism of helpful sales advisors and continue to give good customer service to everyone. Still smiling while social distancing, while breathing through a stuffy face-mask all day, while sanitising our hands after every transaction and keeping our cash points constantly decontaminated.

Right now I feel like I’m running on fumes, and it’s all taking its toll on me far too much. I’m tired of all of it, so its probably best if I just take some time out…

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Fumes

13 thoughts on “Frayed Around the Edges

  1. Recharge your batteries. Sometimes just focusing on getting through the bad patch is the best we can do, and taking care of yourself first is obviously of paramount importance. Take care Ruth, and the best wishes for the happiest time possible right now.

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  2. Tie a knot and hang on. You know all will be okay, but I agree this year has been so hard on all of us. I wish 2021 would fix it, but it won’t. It’s up to me to put my i back on my face again. 😀 😀 My heart goes out to yours. Be gentle with yourself and stay safe and healthy.

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  3. It’s definitely been a hard year this year Ruth but at least your living in your beautiful new house, your family are all hopefully well and a vaccine has been found. Keep safe and come back soon. Elaine x

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  4. You’ve really had it hard Ruth. I deel for you with the prospect of possibly losing your job. Take care of yourself, first and foremost and have as nice a Christmas as possible xx

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