Trump-ty Dumb-ty

Trump-ty Dumb-ty thought he was King
Trump-ty Dumb-ty and his offspring
Played to the racist supremacist right
Urged them to follow with violent might.

Trump-ty Dumb-ty lied that he'd won
Trump-ty Dumb-ty thought it was fun
Watched his believers work up to the kill
Storming the Senate on Capitol Hill

Trump-ty Dumb-ty hates that he lost
Has to win everything whate'er the cost
Bully-boy loser deluded and vain
Let's hope he never holds office again...

3 thoughts on “Trump-ty Dumb-ty

  1. Dumptey Trumptey sat on his wall (which oddly, never got built. *snicker*)
    Trumpety Dumptey had a great fall (he was pushed. Nobody minded)
    There was a great mess to clean up post fall
    And nobody volunteered to do it, no, noone at all
    Let us hope such messes don’t have the gall
    To show their orange insides to one and all!

    I believe that he is prohibited from ever seeking public office again, due to his actions recently and maybe because he was impeached. I’m not positive of that (being a gal of very little brain sometimes) but I have to hold on to the notion. It’s of comfort to think that he won’t be sullying my view ever again. Great post Ruth!

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