Foggy Street at Night

I was locking the front door before I went to bed tonight and noticed there was an eerie freezing fog looming outside, so I took my camera out into the silent empty street and tried to capture a few images. At times I struggled to get focus, but took a couple of shots anyway as I quite like the abstract look of the bokeh on the streetlights. The two focused shots show the basic view along our street looking in both directions from outside our house.

Not perfect, I know, but it was fun trying to see what I could get – something a little bit different for this week’s lockdown smile 🙂

Weekly Smile


9 thoughts on “Foggy Street at Night

  1. I like these too, I can’t decide which is my favorite, I thought the second one (one of the focused ones) but then I changed my mind a bunch, so I’m just going with that one with all the rest coming in a very close second.

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