Lockdown 2021: Hope on the Horizon

The introduction of a national lockdown due to coronavirus last spring was such a sudden shock to the system, a set of serious restrictions that had so many of us stuck at home without prior warning for weeks and weeks on end and only allowed to leave the house for a few named ‘essential purposes’ – for exercise close to home, for medical reasons, or for food shopping. Panic buying caused shortages on shelves, travel was curtailed, we lived life in limbo for the duration.

People still got sick and died over the next few months, but as time passed the numbers vastly reduced and by summer’s end we finally felt we were coming out the other side.

Those initial public pandemic parameters had taken some getting used to but somehow we felt like we’d got through the worst, slowly opening up the economy again though most things were feeling far from ‘back to normal’ or safe. Social distancing, masks, and rigourous hand hygeine measures to a certain degree became second nature yet in a stragely unnatural way. Hugs and handshakes became a thing of the past.

For a while even fewer people got sick and died, and we all breathed a sigh of relief. We had survived – or so we thought.

But of course Covid did not go away, it mutated and started to spread more easily until by winter infection/ hospital/ death numbers were growing alarmingly once more. Yes, we have several new vaccines approved now but the logistics of inoculating such a huge global population cannot be underestimated. It has become a race against time in the battle between virus and vaccine and right now it’s not at all clear which will win out. The clock is ticking, heartbeat by precious heartbeat.

Since the last week of of 2020 Scotland has effectively closed down again, and once more we’re prepared to sit it out and wait.

So lockdown this year feels different. This time we know what to expect, know how it goes. As we hunker down for the long-haul – initially planned for three weeks, then changed to the whole of January, and now at least until mid-February – nevertheless there is hope on the horizon that this year may be the year we overcome Covid – not completely, perhaps, but enough for life to begin moving forward again cautiously instead of constantly holding back.

And in the meantime lockdown limbo life mark two goes on. It’s snowing outside, yet to my delight my red pelargonium is still flowering in my cold, unheated conservatory. Today is a brand new day, and there is still beauty in the world… 🙂


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