What is Important

For this week’s Stream of Conscious Saturday prompt Linda wants us to open the nearest book or paper or whatever, close our eyes and point, and write about whatever word we land on. Hmmm… OK… so the nearest thing to me is a brown envelope sitting on the coffee table that arrived in the post this morning. It contains a public information leaflet from the Scottish Government and relates to the current Covid vaccination programme.

Close my eyes, open to a page and point… and the word I land on is ‘important’… OK, here goes nothing…

Covid seems to be everywhere just now. I mean, not just the virus itself of course but the dire consequences of it all, lockdowns and restrictions and facemasks and constant hand cleaning and the drastic effects on the economy and society and families and individuals and… well… just about everything. And with so many negative issues surrounding this pandemic it’s hard to look on the bright side but one thing that has become ultra-clear to me over the last year is my view on what is really important in life.

What was before a dream-like, fuzzy, amorphous idea that kept half-coming forward before being pushed to the back of my mind due to the ongoing business (and the sheer busyness) of ‘normal’ everyday life has suddenly come into sharp focus with dramatic effect. What is most important to me in life is the people I love. Knowing they are OK. Making time for them. Seeing them in person. Hugging them, holding them, touching them, and being hugged and held and touched in return.

That’s it, that’s all I have to say right now, that’s what is most important to me in life… the people I love most who love me too ❤


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