28 Days Later

No, not a zombie apocalypse movie but 28 Covid-related thoughts 28 days after testing positive…

  • So amazingly relieved and thankful that, having spent the entirety of January with Covid, I haven’t had any symptoms severe enough to warrant a hospital stay of any kind – result!
  • I know I’m finally starting to feel properly better now but surprisingly, considering I’ve had such relatively ‘light touch’ symptoms in the grander scheme of things, more flu-like than pneumonia for me –  I’m still not fully recovered
  • Recovery is confusing – apparently after your 10 days self-isolation you are no longer infectious UNLESS you still have a high temperature, in which case you should wait until you are 48 hours clear of any fever
  • However the ongoing cough and lack of taste can continue for several weeks afterwards so that’s OK and doesn’t count
  • Suffice to say I left it for quite a bit longer than the required 10 days before venturing out, just to be sure
  • Because I haven’t had a high temperature at any point in this illness
  • And I cough all the time anyway – but at least now I’m actually starting to cough stuff up
  • Even now I can still ‘taste’ it sitting stubbornly right at the back of my throat
  • Actually it’s pretty much the only thing I can taste clearly – everything else is bland with a hint of salt, bland with a hint of sweetness, or bland with a hint of spice
  • But I can now smell stuff reasonably ok – strange, I thought taste and smell were inextricably linked?
  • Food smells nice again, so I taste it with the anticipation of full flavour yet sadly it still tastes disappointing
  • I’m still eating enough though – probably too much – comfort food and all that
  • And I’m still resting lots – I still get too tired and out of breath too easily to do much else
  • Who knew that having a shower, washing my hair, and getting dressed would count as exertion?
  • Or cooking a basic meal, or washing up afterwards?
  • I keep on challenging myself though, and I’m managing to do a bit more each day before I need to stop and rest – hooray!
  • Rest is the best – the sofa is my saviour, complete with cuddly comfort blanket
  • Convalescence is such an old-fashioned word, but it’s definitely time for a fashionable come-back
  • No hugs from my husband while I was self-isolating and feeling so unwell was horrible, but it was so worth the sacrifice
  • How amazing that I didn’t pass the virus on to him
  • With so much time to think about it I wonder constantly why some people seem to catch Covid relatively easily and others not at all?
  • Or why some people get really sick and others hardly feel ill at all?
  • Even now it feels more like the luck of the draw than anything else, a weird kind of respiratory Russian roulette that for once has left me dodging the bullet
  • Even though I got off amazingly lightly I really don’t want to risk getting it again
  • So now I wonder just how long my post-infection immunity will last
  • What about all these new variants, will I have any natural immunity to them?
  • Or did I maybe catch one of the new variants anyway?
  • Either way I’m looking forward to getting my Covid vaccine a soon as it’s offered to me – and the sooner the better

12 thoughts on “28 Days Later

  1. Glad you are getting better and better. I have heard that a dose of COVID will give you antibodies for “at least 5 months”, I presume from that, that someone caught the virus 5 months ago and still has antibodies (or, it was 5 months when I heard that). And that having antibodies from the virus itself is better protection than from any of the vaccines.
    As long as you are recovered ok, it seems you are in the best possible position for the future. I hope you feel correspondingly lucky 🤣

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  2. I feel exactly the same as you, Ruth, still tired, still breathless and an irritating cough persists. A soft bed pillow now lives permanently on a sitting room sofa with a warm blanket, and that’s where I now spend most of my time.

    Never had a temperature, though I did have hot flushes. On my eleventh day (27th December) I was admitted to hospital (just overnight) and told to assume I was still infectious.

    My taste came back after a couple of weeks, except for cups of tea, it still tasted bland. Fortunately, I can now taste it, it became an obsession, cup after cup of tea just hoping this would be the time I would taste it!

    My son’s sense of smell still hasn’t returned yet but his taste was back very quickly. He had mild covid and was feeling well before the ten days were up and had no other after effects. He played by the book and stayed in isolation until the eleventh day.

    Vaccination day tomorrow for me, 08:00 AM.
    Get well soon, Ruth. 🙂

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  3. This must have been so worrisome, even if “relatively” light. Yes, not hospitalized but, bleck, feeling like crap for weeks and weeks, and a constant cough? I’ve had that in years past and it is so awful. Glad you’re on the mend. Hope you can taste soon! What’s the “reward” food that you want to taste the most and first?

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    1. We hear a lot about the experiences of the very sick, and also stories about others having no more than a couple of days of headache or sore throat – but what about that huge sliding scale of illness experience in between? I’m sure that’s where most of us would find ourselves sitting on the symptom continuum, especially as we’re often unwell for a lot longer than the couple of weeks we might initially have expected 🙂

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