Bare Faced Beauty

As I pluck my old lady moustache
All this tweezing burns hot like a rash
Each hair follicle brings
Sharp eye watering stings
Yank it quick and it’s gone in a flash

Now I’m sporting bright pink upper lip
Nicely hairless but painful to strip
And each delicate pore
Smarts all angry and sore
In my quest to feel trendy and hip

Next my eyebrows need brought into line
Errant stragglers plucked one at a time
This close up I can’t see
Shaping’s not clear to me
Do my best and just hope they look fine

Ow, these tweezers keep nipping like hell
Cause more redness and soft tissue swell
Vision blurs as I pluck
Each small hair – WTF
Eyes all blotchy and puffy as well

Think I’ll give up on trying to look nice
Ragged eyebrows will have to suffice
No-one cares anyway
Past my best, had my day
At my age no one looks at me twice 🙂

4 thoughts on “Bare Faced Beauty

    1. I have really sensitive skin so go red and blotchy at absolutely anything – so I find it amusing that something that is supposed to make me look better actually has the opposite effect until my skin calms down again! 🙂

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