Six Nations Rugby

We sat and watched the first two matches of the 2021 Six Nations Rugby on TV today. There were no spectators present due to Covid restrictions but ambient atmospheric sound was played which mimicked the noise of a crowd, and it worked surprisingly well.

The first match was France against Italy played in Rome, and France won as expected but by a hugely ridiculous number of points – 50-10 – so the outcome was easily predictable early on. The second game played later was Scotland against England at Twickenham (England’s home ground) where minimal points were scored overall, but oh, what a surprising match that turned out to be!

This particular clash of UK nations was an important match as it marked 150 years since Scotland first played England at rugby for the historic Calcutta Cup – and just for the record Scotland last won against England at Twickenham in 1983, so one way or another there was a lot of national pride riding on the outcome for both sides.

And amazingly for us, Scotland ran rings around England for once and won the match 11-6, although the low points score belies the enjoyment of the game. I’m not usually one for flags and national pride and all that patriotic stuff but I must admit I love singing the national anthem at the beginning of the game, and it does feel good to have a really good reason to feel proud of your country, even if it is just because of a sporting competition.

So I don’t actually own a Scottish flag to wave, but if I did have one, I’d have waved it tonight because for once, we did well in something! Woo-hoo! Roll on Ireland against Wales tomorrow… πŸ™‚

Stream of Consciousness Saturday: Flag

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