Connecting Via the Cloud

Sometimes ordinary things just connect in the strangest way, and life makes you smile big time.

As I was closing the dining room curtains late this afternoon I saw this spectacular sunset-induced pinky-orange cloud formation sitting high in the otherwise clear blue sky. So I took a quick pic with my camera (see above), and also snapped a similar quick phone pic to send to each of my grown-up kids, just because I like to keep in touch with the everyday stuff, especially just now when we’re all necessarily so isolated from each other because of continuing Covid lock-down.

Almost immediately after the message was sent my phone beeped to let me know I’d also had a message, and amazingly it was a photo from my youngest daughter of exactly the same cloud formation taken at pretty much the same time from her son’s bedroom window about four miles away! So near and yet so far, but it felt good to know we were both looking at the same thing at the same time, especially as within five minutes the colour had gone completely and the cloud itself had evaporated into the darkening sky.

It was just one of those meaningful moments of connection that catches you by surprise – I suppose we could genuinely say we were connecting via the cloud! šŸ™‚

Weekly Smile


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