April Blogging from A-Z 2021

Last year’s April Blogging from A-Z Challenge for me was seriously curtailed by Covid restrictions – well, by the whole country being in full lock-down, actually. I’d originally planned to take you on an alphabetical journey around my new home town of Inverness in the North of Scotland, but of course by last April we were on a Stay at Home order and everything touristy and interesting was shut anyway. I did actually succeed in completing all 26 letters of the challenge, but only by staying a lot closer to home than I liked, and fudging a bit where necessary.

So my hope for this year had been to be able to repeat my truncated theme from last year but taking the all-inclusive, belt-and-braces approach, the way I’d originally intended. Except of course April is right around the corner and here we are on long-term lock-down yet again! It looks like I’m going to need a Plan B, and sooner rather than later. Or perhaps a non-plan plan… Hmm… Anyway, I think I’ll go with a fairly flexible theme based on collating my thoughts and feelings about the pandemic – hopefully that allows me to be as random as I like, but still with an over-arching focus on the most topical issue in my life at the moment.

I might post a few photographs, or write a few poems, or rip a few rants, or find a few relevant quotes, or just whatever gives me the feels on the day, letter by letter – but the main thing is I hope to have fun, alphabetically! 🙂

13 thoughts on “April Blogging from A-Z 2021

  1. We’re all living our Plan B’s–or C’s, as the case may be. But after a little while it just becomes the life we’re living rather than the fall-back position. I would have loved to take a tour through Inverness with you, but will be happy with whatever you choose as conditions permit. Be well!

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  2. I love the A to Z Challenge. Everyone has such awesome unique takes. I can’t wait to hear from Innvernes. Embarrassingly my only ventures there are my repeated watching of Outlander and Men in Kilts. Educate me!💜

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