Old Lavender Bush

There is a big old lavender bush growing in my garden, its thick woody stems all gnarled and twisted at ground level. It seems long ago to have separated into two asymmetrical halves and no longer grows up and out evenly or tidily, but the two main branches on each side do still flower beautifully with a strong, heady scent. Even though replacing it with smaller, younger, neater plants does seem to be a much better idea, I just can’t bear the idea of digging it up .

I tried to find out how long lavender plants usually live, and according to Google they usually last around four or five years but apparently can last up to fifteen years in the right garden. I can’t help but wonder how long this one has been growing here to have such thick stems – about 12cm in diameter at the lowest reaches. I really do love most of the old plants growing here – one of the benefits of buying a house with a mature, ready-made garden. 🙂

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