I really resent having to be classified by the United States Internal Revenue Service on my husband’s annual American tax return as a ‘Non Resident Alien Spouse’.

We don’t live there, have never lived there together and have no intention of EVER living there together. My only link to America is being married to an American Citizen – even though said American Citizen has lived here in the UK since he was 11 years old, was educated here, has only ever worked here, pays tax here, owns property here, got married here.

So I suppose what I resent more is that my husband has to pay through the nose for a UK-based US tax specialist to complete a convoluted, complex US tax return every year in the first place (even though we rarely actually owe any tax because we pay tax here) simply because he is an American Citizen, regardless of where in the world he lives…

Come on America, why not have a much fairer, sensible, residency-based tax system like everywhere else in the world!

Weekly Prompt: Alien

5 thoughts on “Alien

  1. Because those (over here) who could profit by it would claim to live over there.

    I do think they should have a short-form for folks like you. Sounds like six questions should be all that’s necessary.

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    1. Nope, sadly he has to jump through all the anti-money-laundering hoops to prove that all his suspicious ‘foreign’ bank accounts (which of course are the only ones he has) aren’t dodgy… And he has to report all his finances to FinCEN (The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network) too, for the same reason. It’s an absolute nightmare šŸ˜¦

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  2. Seems to me you could avoid all that rigamarole by his becoming a British citizen. Yes, the tax law in the US is convoluted, so much so that, if you ask three tax professionals what a certain provision is, you’re likely to get three different answers. It’s enough of a pain in the backside for us to deal with, never mind as a non-resident alien spouse…

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    1. He’s already a dual US/UK citizen, but doesn’t see why he should be forced to give up his birthright to continue to be American until the day he dies. If he ever does relinquish his citizenship it will be a case of America having given up on him, rather than him giving up on America… If it didn’t cost so much to complete it would be a nuisance and nothing more, but it’s really expensive as the tax preparer has to fully understand and work across BOTH tax systems šŸ˜¦

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