Ben Wyvis from Greig Street Bridge

After being laid low yesterday with yukky side effects from my first Covid shot, I’m feeling loads better today and fancied a walk to get some fresh air and sunshine – and of course my camera came too!

I got this lovely pic of Ben Wyvis still with a sprinkling of snow, taken from the Greig Street Bridge in Inverness. The mountain is actually about 35 miles away, so is not always as visible as this, but I really liked the way it both blends in blue with the water and the sky yet stands out edged in white all at the same time 🙂

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Air

4 thoughts on “Ben Wyvis from Greig Street Bridge

  1. Hari OM
    Perfect! When I visited Inverness in 2019 we had one of those really hot early autumn days and I treasured my walk along the riverside down to the islands. When Scotland puts on the bright, it’s positively ritzy, right?!! YAM xx

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      1. Hari Om
        LOL – oh yes, that describes most of the past three weeks here in Dunoon!!! I couldn’t believe the change today. Sunglasses and teeshirts. Right now, though, we are back down to freezing. Literally. Sigh… Yxx

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