Who Indeed…

Who remembers the poor bloke from Hove who went on a sales conference in Singapore last January 2020, then went on a short ski-ing trip with his family in France, then flew home to the UK in early February and went to the pub, as you do, all before realising that while at the conference he had been in contact with a delegate from Wuhan, China…? So for two weeks he had just been getting on with his life, totally oblivious to the fact that he had been infected with Covid 19 and was inadvertently passing it on to others through his normal everyday social contact.

Remember this was all pre-lock-down, pre-pandemic – in fact pre- pretty much any understanding of the significance of the devastation this particular deadly coronavirus would have on the world. The papers all jumped on the story at the time and rather cruelly named him a ‘Super Spreader’ due to his asymptomatic status. I mean, it was cruel because the poor bloke did nothing wrong other than be at the wrong place at the wrong time. He was the first Briton to be diagnosed with Covid. In February 2020. And remember he was asymptomatic, and unwittingly passed it on to several others.

So how come the UK Government claim that the reason they were (and still remain) so adamant in creating a national test and trace system that ONLY tests people with at least one of three main symptoms is that THEY WERE UNAWARE OF THE PREVALENCE OF ASYMPTOMATIC TRANSMISSION! Seriously guys, you’re the bloody Government! All you had to do was pick up a copy of any red-top tabloid back in February 2020 and they would have told you that there was clear evidence of under-the-radar transmission of the virus right from the very beginning – it was the very first case, widely reported in the usual sensational style.

But even now, one year on, if you go online to try to book a Covid test here in the UK it asks if you have at least one of three symptoms – fever, new continuous cough, and a change to your taste or smell. That’s it. If not that specific narrow selection of symptoms, or no symptoms at all, forget about it. Self-isolate if you think you’ve maybe been exposed, but officially we’re not interested in you. At all. No symptoms, no test. Yet when I caught Covid at the beginning of the year I’d already been feeling decidedly unwell for a few days before my strange sense of taste developed.

Headache, dizziness, ear-ache, sore throat – that’s how it started for me. I thought I might be coming down with flu. It was only around the fourth day when I had a strange metallic sensation in the back of my throat and developed a bit more of a cough than usual that I took a test. Things got a bit worse later on but I never did develop a fever. And had it not been for the lock-down imposed after Christmas I’d probably have been at work for those first few crucial days, so even with a mask and sanitiser and social distancing who knows how many people I might potentially have infected?

This virus has a two-week incubation period. Not everyone gets the same symptoms, and some people do not get any symptoms at all. Whether pre-symptomatic or asymptomatic, if you don’t test the entire population to see how the land lies, you can’t possibly begin to control transmission. Lock-downs alone are not the answer, not without adequate testing and tracing too. Restrictions have to be there for a reason, to tackle the problem head on not just kick it down the road to be dealt with at a later date… Grrr…!

OK, enough of a corona-rant for today – and sorry for shouting, but really, at times Boris and his gang are the absolute limit! 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Who Indeed…

  1. Hari Om
    Indeed indeed!!! As mentioned, I caught the thing in Feb 2020 – only it was almost unrecognised at that time and I just dealt with it myself. The kicker is this – for a week I just thought was my asthma getting worse, with the cough being dry and irritating. Nothing else until the morning I was ‘bus-smashed’ … and even then, no fever and no loss of smell.taste! But it was def C-19, as described in my A post… and you’ll have noted that my posts have a bit of a political rant too. Rant away as much as you wish m’dear!!! YAM xx

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  2. Hi,
    That’s the very reason I don’t go out in public…I haven’t been out to a store or shopping for ever. I’m lucky enough that I have folks that run errands for me, so I don’t have too. And I’m really not too sure about getting the shot. I’ve read so many folks that have had reactions to the shots. Some are not bad, but a few have been hospitalized. So I’m waiting to see if they get it “fixed”. Have a great day!

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  3. Interesting read about how it is out your way. I’m in Colorado. At the beginning, we also had an enormous shortage of both knowledge and tests. Now we have tests available, and if you want a test for whatever reason, you can have one. There are a number of drive through stations available nearby. I’m grateful that I haven’t needed one, and now that I’m vaccinated, its even less likely. As much as I’m appalled by our ex president and his ridiculous behavior, I am now relieved that science and public health are once again being respected. I hope that comes your way soon!

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