April A-Z: D is for Distancing

One year on the signs are maybe showing their age, but no matter – we’ve definitely all got the message by now. And we may be quite comfortably used to keeping our distance with strangers now when out and about, but with those we love it still feels plain wrong to be keeping apart, especially after so long.

It hurt so much being prevented from seeing people from any other households at all for extended periods of time, but it almost hurts more now that we’re allowed to see some people in very limited numbers outdoors only, but not be able to touch, not allowed to hug, not even supposed to stand too close together. Outdoors in the North of Scotland, sometimes even in Spring, neither the temperature nor the weather are necessarily conducive to comfortable gatherings in the garden for more than about five minutes at a time. I mean, we woke to a covering of snow again this morning!

So at this time of year being apart as a family feels almost harder now than it did during the last lock-down. Yes, we’re now legally allowed to meet outside again, but in practice it’s just too damned cold for the kids for that to be a workable solution much of the time. And then even when all other things are favourable and they can come round to visit, not being able to hug someone you love who just isn’t there is one thing, but not being able to hug someone you love who is standing right in front of you so tantalisingly close is almost unbearable… ❤

For this year’s April Blogging from A-Z Challenge I’m aiming for an alphabetical exploration of my personal thoughts and feelings on the continuing Covid 19 pandemic one year on, using a mix of poetry, pics and ponderings…

11 thoughts on “April A-Z: D is for Distancing

  1. Popping by from the A-Z Challenge to say hi and let me tell you: we were not expected to be hit so hard in the feels! Not being able to see family members, friends, co-workers — it’s an experience we never thought we’d have to go through. I am honestly worried I will have forgotten how to socialize by the time I meet my friends again. :’)

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  2. We are beginning to be able to gather more here in Alabama and we had an outdoor Easter service yesterday and I was able to see so many people I haven’t seen in a year. We did some elbow bumping and some air hugs towards each other. I wonder if we’ve lost our social skills after being away from people.

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  3. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Covid one year later. I feel like I should be over it but I fear I will be forever out of sorts. Such a life altering experience even in small gradual doses to a new way of interacting.

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  4. Not that I’ve ever been a social butterfly, but this social distancing has been so terribly detrimental I worry we’ll never remove the wedge that’s been driven between interacting in general, and society as a whole. Can you tell I grow impatient? Well, I’m only human 😉 I look forward to (soon) a global freedom-to-hug party!

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