Spiders, Dust, and Giraffes

We’re planning to redecorate our bedroom (a year and a half after moving in). I’ve already stripped off the old wallpaper, but underneath it had noticed some decidedly dodgy crumbling plastering above the door to the en suite bathroom with a rather big gap between the undulating plaster and the wooden door frame. Today my husband was re-plastering the uneven wall and we were discussing how best to ensure the door frame sits tight to the wall once we re-paper. My husband, wearing a dust mask for sanding the plaster, said:

‘We need to make sure we reduce the gap as much as possible – we don’t want any spiders, dust, or giraffes coming out from behind the door frame’

Or at least , that’s what I thought he said. The puzzled look on my face alerted him to the fact that I’d clearly misunderstood – it turns out we were discussing draughts, not giraffes – Oops! šŸ™‚

One Liner Wednesday

3 thoughts on “Spiders, Dust, and Giraffes

  1. Giraffes do enjoy a good transom window, its a reasonable concern. Those misheard things can be so funny, likewise with signs seen out of the corner of ones eye while driving. The reality is often so much less entertaining!

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